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May 1, 2008
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This little program here : ExposurePlot (former Focalplot)

is quite an interesting little package that reads the EXIF details from your JPEG shots (or jpegs made from raw shots) and then charts up the focal length, ISO, aperture and shutter speeds that you've used for those shots. A rather interesting way to see what your favoured ranges are (provided of course that you process your RAWs to jpeg or shoot in JPEG mode).

Note when in the aperture tab go to the bottom of the page and in the 35mm equivalent slot put and value = the same value (eg 45 = 45 or 2 = 2) otherwise you might get some interesting results!
Does it read shutter actuations? Been trying to find the mileage on my Rebel.
Nope - I've read of a few programs that will do that, but never looked into it. The only other way is to send your camera in and ask canon to check.
Does it read shutter actuations? Been trying to find the mileage on my Rebel.

I use Kuso Exif Viewer to read the shutter actuations, just right click on the file and select "open with Kuso exif viewer". And it will read the exif data of raw images too.


I have been looking for an EXIF reader to get shutter actuations from my RAW files for days now! Posted on another thread and all the programs I got back were either for JPG only or didn't give shutter actuations! Thanks!

Unless there's a need to see EXIF data for a lot of images, and especially for one-off things like finding the number of shutter actuations, I prefer web-based tools like Jeffrey's Exif Viewer. Nothing to install (no risk of malware etc.) and can be used from any computer!

ExposurePlot, of course, is for a different purpose and looks quite cool for its intended use.
What part of that kuso exif viewer shows shutter auctions?
I found it under the "Standard Information" heading, second-to-last piece of information before "GPS information" heading.

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