Night at the AutoMall


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Feb 17, 2012
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San Jose, Cali, The Heart of Silicon Valley
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I like them - the perspective and balance of the scene and patterns of light make them interesting - especially since really it's a fairly everyday scene, but seen in a different way than most people would see it as they'd go by. My only critique would be that I'm not sure if I like the edge of the overpass in the bottom of the photos; when it appears at an angle (probably because of the direction you were facing) it seems somewhat distracting - I find it less so in the one where it's straight.
Thanks, I was thinking about blur the overpass in photoshop. I'll go back and reshoot it. Perhaps, raise the camera higher or change the DOF.
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I love how crisp each one of the lights are, I need to get out and do some night time photography

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