Night Heron

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Dec 14, 2005
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I really like these dapper-looking little herons.

Oh, you caught one that wasn't in dark shadows, nice! I like the little guys, they seem to be a solitary kind of bird that just sit around in the shade and watch the world go bye.
Great capture. I like the bit of sunlight highlighting his back.
Lovely looking birds, well taken.
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A few years ago, two yellow-crowned night herons set up housekeeping in the park across the street. Raised a little night heron. And they did eventually get used to me,

although the kid never did.

I've never seen a night Heron. Nice shot.
Nice shots! I’ve had the fortune of finding one that wasn’t too shy on the Shoreline trail.
I've been down there, once. I need to walk that trail more often.
I've been down there, once. I need to walk that trail more often.
There is a sandbar not far from Scout Park, that is covered in water right now, but when the lake levels are lower, a Blue Heron and some Greater Egrets hang out there, and from October to December, the sand bar is a resting place for seagulls, and for a couple of weeks, dozens of white pelicans, and an osprey hangs out there during the winter. If you head east from Scout Park along the trail, you can see the sandbar when the water level is low.
great shots... love the vivid eyes

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