Night scene at library


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Feb 17, 2012
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I like the 3rd one, the dark sky looks better than the lighter one. The first one is too dark so Im not a fan at all but the 3rd has the right amount of everything.
I also like the third frame, MG_2959, because of the moving tree branches at the top of the frame, the darker sky, and the more night-time look. I like the mix of street lighting, and the light from the sky. To me, #3 is the best by far.
I'd have to agree with the previous comments and say that I like 3 the best. Number one is too dark, unless your looking to get something very dark for a certain purpose. Number 2 is too light, i don't get the feel on night looking at it. It looks more like late afternoon. but number 3 is right in the middle and looks the best for a night time feel with still keeping detail.
Yeah, #3, but with a bit less foreground.
Yep #3 for me to. I agree with Ken on less foreground and bring the subject closer to the eye. You did good with the exposure not blown out by street lights.
#3 has more saturation and is less flat than the second.

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