Nikkor 35mm f2 (Sharp @ Wide Open Copy) - Like New - Just $300 - Lots of free extras.

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    Aug 8, 2008
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    Making the preparations for Canon 5D Mk II + 24mm Mk II. :D

    I bought this for $350 but I am willing to let it go at just $300 with free shipping via insured Express Mail worldwide!

    It is in pristine condition. It could pass off as a new, unused lens if put in a shop. Absolutely NO sign of usage. No scratches or even dust. I will bundle a Nikon Circular Polarizer of the thin type (Nikon CPL-II) which is worth $80+ absolutely free of cost! I will even give you a HN-3 lens hood for this lens I bought from Adorama for $20 for free!


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