Nikon 50mm f/1.8G AF-S NIKKOR FX Lens, like new.


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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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I bought this lens, thinking i would like a 50mm lens. but quickly realized i like my 35mm lens much better. the 50mm gets too close for the type of shooting i like to do. took it out shooting at a car show when i got the lens and i did not like how back i had to stand, I took a few shots with it there and put my 35mm on instead and i have snapped a few shots around the hose with this lens and that's about it.

this thing has probably taken 10-15 photos since i bough it, its been setting in my bag for about a year and its probably just gonna keep setting there so i guess its time to sell it.

Asking price 175.00 shipped, I still have the original box for this lens and the lens so the lens will be shipped in the original box. it is in mint condition and barley used. will only ship to the U.S.A and I will only accept pay pal..


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Your price is not too much. IIRC, that is what I paid for mine.
bump, feel free to make a offer on this.

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Come on, folks! If anybody is considering such a lens, I strongly urge you to get up off the dime and make the call. I already have one, or I would be all over this.

Excellent lens at a reasonable price.

I sent an offer via PM this morning.

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