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Dec 30, 2020
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I bought this D3s off of a retired general back when I lived in DC. He also owned two D4s and a of those guys who money was no object/problem/he deserves the best. Anyways, the camera still to this day looks and works great. The only "wear" to speak of is on the bottom where it has a wear ring from a tripod adapter (I think) and some general light scuffing from being set down on hard surfaces (normal). I think it's a wonderful camera... But, I'd like to use the funds to get a newer Pro DSLR. These older pro cameras shoot incredibly deep wet colors, have the fastest autofocus, and this D3s is still one of the highest rated cameras for low light performance from DXOmark. But, it also has the older LCD (not as deep color on the read LCD) and it doesn't have all the fancy new Fn buttons. It shoots 720p video and overall it looks fantastic. I just want a new one.

Comes with the camera, original Nikon OEM battery, manuals, charger brick/cable, strap/rings, and I'll throw in a Lexar PRO CF card as well as a USB-C CF card reader. I have some Nikon lenses that I could pair up with it, if you'd like a "ready for anything" all-in-one transaction.

Saleable options:

1) D3s with all the camera stuff and no lens or box = $900

2) Option 1 with like new Nikon 50mm 1.4D and Hoya HMC UV filter = $1200

3) Option 1 with used 24-120 f/4 and B+W 77mm 010 UV Filter = $1300

4) Everything mentioned above, Options 1, 2 & 3 = $1650

Here are some photos of the camera and some recent images that I've captured with it.
Nikon 2.jpg
Nikon 4.jpg

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