Nikon D7100 Profiles, Lightroom 5, and an elderly iMac - Conundrums


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Jun 3, 2013
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Currently I shoot a Nikon D200, process in Lightroom 3.6, CS3 and CS5, on a mid-2007 iMac 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo with 4GB 667 MHz RAM, running OSX 10.6.8.

I'm planning on doing some upgrades, starting with a Nikon D7100, then moving to upgrade to Lightroom 5 for the video support and camera profiles necessary for the new camera. I'll need to update to OS 10.8, which is what I run on a Macbook Pro. However, on the iMac, I am, I believe, running the very minimum requirements for Lightroom 5, and I'm afraid performance will be severely affected, especially with the size files the D7100 puts out. I want to avoid replacing the iMac if I can.

What are my options here? Can I get by with this current iMac? Should I even bother trying to upgrade to LR5? Are there any work arounds in LR3 to process RAWs from the D7100?

Any and all help is much appreciated!

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