Nikon D80?

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Dec 12, 2007
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Hi everyone! I'm getting ready to purchase my first SLR. The only cameras I've owned have been point & shoot. Is the D80 a good camera to learn with?

I love photographing critters/wildlife, landscapes and people. The day to day use of the camera will be photographing jewelry outdoors for a retail website.

Thanks in advance for your advice!

I've owned he D80 for about a year now. I never owned a DSLR before this so its hard for me to compare it to anything else. I will say that its been easy to learn on and I also find something new every day. I love he quality of Nikon and their lenses. I think the best thing to do though is visit a camera store and just try out a couple of different models. If you know what features you'll want to access the most (and how you want to access those) those are the ones that you want at your fingertips quickly.
Yes. It's the lens that will define what your day to day work will look like.

But yes, the D80 will be just fine for this.
Yes, I recommend it wholeheartedly, I own one.
Thanks! I was worried that the D80 might be too much camera for me, but I want something that I'll have for a while.

Any recommedations on the lens I should buy for the detailed jewelry shots?

Thanks in advance again. I look forward to my new camera and being part of the forum.

The D80 is a wonderful camera, and really any DSLR would be a good one to learn on...if it's the one you're going to use.
The quality of the picture though, depends greatly on what lens you put in front of it.

I would look into a Macro lens. I think Nikon calls most of them "Micro" lenses....not real sure...ask a Nikon guy lol
I've got one, it's good.

2 complaints.

Metering is a little off.

Auto focus is a little slow.

Otherwise it's a nice solid camera. You could do a lot worse.
I've got a D80, and it was my first camera. I didn't read any line from the manual, so learning was totally a sweet experience. And I managed to take a shot within five minutes of starting it up, so yes, it's easy to learn with. And yeah, lenses are where it counts for most use. The D80 is a great performer, and it's user-friendly, so, I'd say go for it!

And yes, Sideburns, Nikon calls macro lenses 'micro', for whatever reason. Crazy Nikon. :p
Just got a D80 a few weeks ago. Its been an awesome camera to learn with. I havent touched an SLR in better than 10 years. I got two kit lenses(ordered an SB800 and a 10-20 lense plus the 50mm f/1.8)

I have little experience with it but it seems great. I am the definition of nebie and love it. A great place to start. Remeber. Buy good glass and practice, practice, practice! I know I need it! :lol:
The D80 is a great camera. I'd also suggest to not get the kit lens. Buy mine instead, barely used. lol
Yep, a D80 is a good camera. Although the autofocus is slow, there are ways to get around it, and it is pretty user-friendly. Obviously, the lens you put on it has a huge impact. I'd go for a basic macro lens and a long telephoto zoom lens (up to 200mm).

Look to spend about £150-200 ($300-400) on the teleophoto lens.

This is only a guess, mind. But if the D40 is anything to go on (I know it's not the same -.-) the D80 is a good buy.
I bought it few fays ago and it's my first DSLR too. I've learned so much with it. I have Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 G with it :p
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