nikon fm2n black body san lens, $130, smart for a beginner?


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Sep 30, 2003
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i'm considering to buy a used nikon fm2n black body sans lens. it's being offered for 130 dollars at a used camera store in my neighborhood. tell me, is that a decent price for this camera? i don't want to spend too much.

also, i'm a beginner. i'll need this for a photography class i'm going to take soon. is this too good a camera to start with as a beginner? for example, you don't want to give a beginning guitar player a les paul or stratocaster. it would spoil them and the will not make them learn as much. then again, i would like a camera that i could grow with and don't want to buy a crap camera that i could be done with or break during or after my beginning studies.

another consideration: i'm a student and i'm cheap. are there any other cameras that you could recommend that would be under 180, 150 dollars(remember, i would have to pay another 50 at least for lens, etc.)

or should i grab this camera at this price?

and what lens should i buy for this camera? one preferably 50mm i think? :?:

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