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Jan 2, 2007
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Cali, Colombia
Can others edit my Photos
Photos NOT OK to edit in Colombia for tree cutters. Guy just climbs up a rope hand over hand and goes to work on the limbs toppling the tree chunk by chunk. This was a Croton sp. tree in front of my house that was very old, losing big limbs and in poor condition. Here in this department of Colombia property owners must solicit permission from the CVC (Corporation of Valle del Cauca), a state government entity that oversees all things related to the environment. Permission must be sought to cut down any native species tree that threatens a structure or service on your property. Non native species such as Eucalyptus and Cypress are exempt. Agents will come to the property and examine the condition of the tree and threat it presents then issue a report which may approve or deny permission. If approved you are required to move protected species attached to the tree such as the orange flowered Bromeliads seen in the images to other trees where possible. Scofflaws who cut without permission are subject to big fines and in the extreme, embargoing of their property.



Nice set and interesting. I worked for a tree company in Tx. for a short time right out of high school doing that exact same thing. It was too dangerous and too many tarantulas for my liking.
Did they take the tree down completely or just reduce it to a safe size?

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