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Noah`s Ark Inn


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Jun 20, 2021
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Lots of interesting and ancient pub names here, yesterday I went to `The Fox Goes Free` (400 years old) - Today had a very nice pint and meal at `The Noah`s Ark Inn` in the beautiful village of Lurgashall, West Sussex - This one was built in the 1500`s and gained it`s strange name through being always surrounded by floodwater, in centuries past, at that time it had no name but was nicknamed Noah`s Ark becuse of the wading needed to get inside! So over time the name stuck and now it`s official.

Needless to say no flooding problems any more...

All I had with me was my birding 150-500mm lens so had to stand on the far side of the village green to take this shot (I dabbled with the thought of a phone camera shot but quickly dismissed that idea!)

Noah`s Ark Inn by Tursiops, on Flickr
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That's a very nice looking place. Invites one to step inside are rest a bit with a pint. It's been a couple decades since I was in the UK, but I preferred places like that to the more touristy places.

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