Noise reduction software?


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May 28, 2009
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I thought I've seen mention of noise reduction software on here before, but I did a quick search against this forum and couldn't find it.

So, can anyone recommend a noise reduction program (PC based), and how does it compare to the noise reduction capabilities in Canon's DPP?

I was recently on vacation and even though I brought my dSLR, I got quite a few pics with my S90 when we were places where the dSLR wouldn't have been practical. I shot in RAW on the S90 and would like to try to clean some of the photos up a bit. Thanks!

there are several popular programs and most have a trial period, so why not download a few and see what works best for your needs.

there is neatimage, dfine by nik, noise ninja and i use topaz denoise at lot but usually for creative purposes rather than pure help with noise reduction.
I use Adobe's Lightroom 3 (made for both PC & Mac), which has built-in noise reduction capabilities that work very well... right on par with any software dedicated to the task. Lightroom 3 is much more than just a noise-reducer, though, so you may be more interested in more affordable, dedicated applications.
Anyone do any comparison between LR 3 and Noise Ninja? In the process of deciding on whether or not to upgrade from LR2 to LR3... Noise reduction is one of the key features I am interested in.
NR in Lightroom 3 is much better than in LR2. But I still prefer the result out of Noise Ninja. I remember we had this discussion earlier and someone said the reverse. Application / Personal taste probably comes into it. It's definitely nicer staying in Lightroom rather than having to go through an external program.
I've used ACR, DxO, and Neatimage. The best one IMO is NeatImage. It's just best at keeping details and making the image look the most natural. I can post some pictures comparing all 3 if you like.

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