NON-Birds. Dragonfly / Bee / Butterfly


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Dec 8, 2011
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the south
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Just a little different then my usual, thanks for looking

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Not a huge fan of #3. Number #1 - wow. I've never seen a dragon fly "face" like that before. Great colors as well. #2 is quite good as well, but I feel like this is either a strong crop or you just *slightly* missed focus. Also, perhaps amp up the yellow saturation on that one. Nice stuff!
I really like the dragonfly. I've never even gotten that close to one, much le had it sit there so I could shoot it. I don't like bees though.. been stung too many times. You're braver than I am.
Mathew, nice shots. I think I like the butterfly best of the three, but as Heitz said, I think I would like to see the yellow amped up a bit. Maybe it needs a bit more vibrance.

Thanks, i will try again, shots where handheld with a long telephoto lens with teleconverter and around f18-f20 for better DOF for 850mm

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