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Dec 24, 2007
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Ok like millions of other people who enjoy photography I have found out the benefits of using a DSLR and i bought my self a Canon Rebel XTI. Read the manual. Doing all i can to learn everything possible. I love it so much but I am having a problem. Ok I know its best to shoot in Raw and I am now starting to but for some reason once I transfer the pics onto my computer no RAW images are transferring. I know I am taking it in RAW cause it says RAW + L but ya... I need help :/. The problem could be that i dont have the software that comes with the camera anymore.... If thats the problem can someone help. I downloaded Rawshooter to help edit Raw images but just trying to get them onto the computer is the problem. Sorry for the begginer question. But ya thanks for your help. Any suggestions at all will be very helpful.
Are you viewing it in a program that doesn't support that file format?
when i go to rawshooter which does it says it cannot find RAW images. is there a program that would be easier that someone is familiar with? Thanks for your help by the way
I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.
Can't you just go into the folder and transfer them over? You won't be able to open them but you should be able to see them and copy them. That's usually how I transfer my files. I'm too impatient to open a program and do it from there.
If you don't have a couple of hundred of $$$ to throw around. a free program called Picasa will let you edit and change raw files over to jpeg. Just do a Google search 4 it.
ideally you should use the software provided on the disc that comes with the camera, i just got a canon 400d for christmas, haven't been shooting in RAW because im just learning all the stuff and i'm not taking any elaborate photos.

but why don't you have the software that comes with the camera?

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