Novice looking to step up from basic point and shoot needs help.


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Nov 22, 2007
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I’m a novice hobbyist photographer currently using a basic digital point and shoot. I want to make a step up to a better point and shoot. I want one that offers manual controls. My budget is slim so I’m checking out older cameras on eBay. I’m thinking the Canon G1 is what I’m looking for. Just wanted to get some advice from others first.
I would recommend the Canon G9, G5, G3 based on how much you want to spend. They have full manual controls and even a hot shoe.
If you could tell us an approximate budget, we could help you better. The Canon G1 is only like $20-40 on eBay.
Budget is around $50.00

I'm thinking the Canon G1 would make a good starter camera. I was just wondering what others had to say about it. . .
I think it willl be good for the job.
A concerning question about the design of the Powershot G1 lens.

It's identical to two other cameras, same lens design, same element construction!

Canon PowerShot G1

Sony DSC-S70

Epson PhotoPC 3000Z

The lens on the G1 appears identical to that found on the Sony and Epson cameras. Aperture diagram and structure is identical.

The lens coatings seem a bit different, maybe the glass is too, but they all seem to use the same design specs. I wonder who designed the lens.
For a knock around P&S, I started out with the G1 and now ended up with the G5. Both were used.... and take wonderful photos. For an ok budget, I suggest a G6 with 420EX flash. My buddy just purchased a G9 for his main camera and I was very impressed. The G9 requires a modest budget at $500 USD. Stay away from the G7.

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