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Old Barn HDR


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Feb 12, 2010
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Bossier City La
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I can't comment on the HDR never having attempted one. It doesn't seem overly done though. The colors might be a bit much as BusRider says but i tend to like overly saturated pics. What were your settings for this shot if I can ask. The barn peak looks a bit soft.
All of them were at f/18 and ISO at 100 and WB was shade. The shutter speed for the first was 1.3, .5 for the second and 1/5 for the third shot.
I dont know anything about HDR...or even what it stands for, with that said...I think its a pretty cool looking
HDR stands for High Dynamic Ranging. It is several images that are the same taken at different exposure levels. Then you combine them into one using software.
I think lots of people would go for that fancy stuff with the vivid yellow, but you'd need really an ideal scene and here obviously you have that building off to the left and a telephone poll to the right.
I love HDR. I love taking HDR. And I love your shot. Good job man. Too bad for that more modern building peeking behind it. Next time, try getting 5 exposures. Each a stop apart. The more the merrier.
In terms of the HDR technique, I guess it technically works. I don't care much for the photo itself though. I think its the way that the barn is sitting in the shot. Something wierd about it. Maybe its how its crooked, not sure. I think it would have been better if you had used a super wide lens and got a little closer to the barn to make it more imposing in the frame. You were at 28mm on a 5D. If you had like a 10-20mm that would have been perfect for this. I also don't care for the cluster of trees to the right of the barn and the piece of the random building to the left side. Using the wide angle and getting more in front of the barn and slightly more angled to the right may have yielded a better composition. Maybe I am just being nitpicky.

I guess as far as the HDR goes, atleast its not all super fried tone mapping like everyone seems to do.
I personally was not wild about taking this. I stopped at an old house to get pics of and i went to asked the owner if i could take pics of the house and he asked me to take some pics of this old barn too. I also dont like the newer barn in the background.
Brava for stopping and asking to take pictures. I really need to get my cajones in order to do this. Maybe its a testosterone thing.
Look like something blew up on the horizon. Like the beginning of an a-bomb mushrooming!!
Brava for stopping and asking to take pictures. I really need to get my cajones in order to do this. Maybe its a testosterone thing.

That was the first time i asked to shoot someones stuff. Pretty much everything else that i photographed was public property. The guy turned out to be really nice. He was more then willing to let me since i asked. He said normally people just start taking pics without asking.

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