Old Nikon Lenses and Filters Cleaning

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    Hi there. I want to ask for some information. Is it easy by a lens cleaner service station to clean an old 1980's Nikon lenses?

    I have a Tamron for Nikon 80-210mm f/3.8 which is a slide-zooming style zoom lens, a Nikon prime 50mm f/1.4, and a Nikon wide prime 25mm f/1.4. Those lenses are used for my film camera the Nikon FM, and have never used again in years.

    Now I have loads of dust and speckles just inside the lenses. Do you think a lens cleaning service or even the Nikon country representative in my country would able to clean those old lenses easily? or would it be very expensive?

    My filters collection also have permanent-looking smudges on the both sides of them and I am not sure how to clean them correctly.



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