Old Swing Bridge


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Mar 12, 2006
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St. Catharines Ontario Canada
Hello everyone. I took this picture while I was out looking at a haunted place near my new home. I took plenty of pictures at the haunted place, however, I really tried to get a good image here. Could I please get some feedback on what I should change or fix?

first off, welcome to tpf :)

i assume you were going for a "haunted" look..? In that case you could tweak the levels to darken the picture. also, i think it would look nice in b&w... but it's a nice shot.
If you want to go for the haunted look, I would agree that black and white would probably be a better route to take. And if you do, I would try darkening the picture and adjusting the contrast a bit. If you want, I can take it and show you maybe a version of what I'm talking about, if you don't mind me editing it a bit. Just for some ideas. Welcome to TPF.
the original definately needed and abit of photoshoping on it, It looked a little flat.

I think your new colour version looks a lot beter, and i prefare it from the black and white. I think maybe it could do with a bit more work on the sky to make it a bit more moody. maybe try a bit of burning and dodging?

(wow, i used the words "a bit" a lot there :s)

the angle is not right for me. I believe if you were about 10 - 15 feet to your left things might look a bit more complete to me. Also, this almost calls for not-quite-panoramic. The birdge is obviously important as the subject however, (maybe it is me) but I wonder what else is around it. I not feeling the haunting. When I look at grainy B&W photos, I feel the haunting. This is more of a "time since forgotten" photo for me.

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