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Apr 19, 2009
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erie, PA
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I'm sure some of you enjoy the game of Billiards like I do also, so I thought I'd post an offer you won't find very often, and see if there is any interest. Our pool room has closed and we had some older magazines sitting around so I took them, organized them, and thought I'd try to sell them. I organized these books just a lil bit ago and found I have complete years of certain subscriptions, and a few years missing 1-2 books. These books are not perfect copies right from the package, but are in very good shape and easily readable if you just like to read past issues. Of the full sets I have: (1) Billiards Digest 2001, (1) Billiards Digest 2007, and (8) Inside Pool 2005. Of the mostly complete sets I have (1) Billiards Digest 2004 --missing April & May, Billiards Digest 2005--missing May, Billiards Digest 2006--missing March. I also have misc. issues from as far back as 93' but not too many. Alot of these books have interesting articles in them such as ones on George Balabushka, many on Jeanette Lee, and more on Efren Reyes, Jasmin Ouschan, Johnny Archer, our own Shawn Putnam, Allison Fisher, etc. etc...For the full sets I'm looking for $25 shipped in CONUS, and the partials I'm looking for $20 shipped. These magazines sold for on avg. of 3.95 each and alot of them cannot be found anymore. Our pool room closed and these were in our inventory just needing to be liquidated. Offers for the lot will be considered also! Payment by Paypal or usps money order will be accepted, but if paypal is needed I ask that you pick up the fees since I'm picking up shipping. I'd like all inquiries to be by email plz, as that is the fastest way for me to reply. My email is: Jeffcduke@yahoo.com I'm a very honest, good seller of alot of things. My ebay name is Yamahariderr6 if you care to look it up before trusting me. You will NOT have a problem with buying anything from me! Thanks for looking, Jeff :thumbup::thumbup:

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