Olympus EM-10 Wedding


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Jan 23, 2018
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This is the second marriage of my OMD EM10 with an orphan lens forgotten in a box. I hope it works. This is a 38mm F2.8 multicoated mystery lens from the 80s which gets cropped by the EM10 sensor to something like a 76mm. The aperture can only be changed by removing the lens and using a pin to push a lever inside the diaphragm mechanism. Bummer! It got broken somehow. So I keep it at F8 for better or for worse, which means that when focusing to 4 meters the whole world comes into focus from 1,8 meters to infinity. Definitely faster than the autofocus system of the Olympus.
I made this bronze mummy case for this lens with the help of a friend who is a genius in metalworks. It feels indestructible. Any guesses?


  • sonnar on OMD7 copy.jpg
    sonnar on OMD7 copy.jpg
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The 38mm lens will have the angle of view of a 76mm lens on a 35mm camera. It is a simply 2x calculation. It sounds like this lens was removed from an old 35mm compact rangefinder camera. Several were available, I think from around mid 1970's. Canon, Minolta, Konica and Miranda were brands that had products in that category. I do not recall which specifically had 38mm 2.8 lenses. The lenses were generally quite good though. They would probably have been based on the "Sonnar" lens design. That would have been 4 elements.

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