On this day...

On this day 70 years ago a bouncing baby boy named Don was born. Happy Birthday Darren! I guess I have a few years on you.
Yeah, but how old is your beard?? :lol:

Just kidding, hope you both have a great day doing something you really enjoy! :D

A very happy birthday to both of you!
But I've a question for Darren following Photobugs comment.... is that you in your Avatar Darren or is it Spike Milligan?
If it's really you there there's a tremendous resemblance, check it out!
That is my all-time hero Spike Milligan. And he looks older than 38 on there as it is. I'm a big Goons fan and have over 50 books,tapes and video's of his. The real me is located in 'Gallery1' of my website along with my wife Fiona.

Thank you all for your kind wishes :D
Thanks for clearing that up Darren and hope you had fun on your Birthday.
I remember listening to the goon show on the good ol' steam radio when I was a kid back in the UK, glad to see you too appreciate the great Milligan.
Man Darren (I know we haven't been formally introduced, but you've posted on enough of my threads i think it would be fair for me to say your name). Now that i know that isn't you I feel like i've been gettingot know the wrong guy.

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