One deer photo of two deer, Critique?


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Sep 6, 2011
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South England
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Lucky shot but awful quality, i blame the Tamron 70-300mm lens i have to put up with.


Edit: chance of Redemption,
For the record these deer are not 0 wild although they are free to go where they want, their encouraged into the area. I hope this doesn't look out of focus!

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Do you have the old Tamron 70-300 or the newer one? I have the Di SP 70-300mm f/4-5.6 with VC and get good results with it. Here is one of several I've taken with it.


I have the new one with the macro function, i missed the focus slightly as well because i use manual focus with it due to the slow auto focus. maybe the older model was better? really like the photo, was the deer wild?
Technically the deer is wild as it is allowed to run free in the forest preserves or on the streets if it feels lucky.:D But these deer are constantly being fed by the well meaning public so they are not afraid of humans and I was close to this one. When I encounter them in the preserves they watch me pretty closely looking for a handout.

Even though most of the images taken with this lens are in my opinion acceptably sharp I have taken a couple at 300mm that were a tad soft. The VC is great. I took a picture hand held at 300mm with a shutter speed of 1/30sec. and it came out acceptably sharp. That's no guarantee I could achieve that all the time but I feel it is a good lens considering the price. On the lens is the wording - Ultrasonic Silent Drive so it does have a built in motor.

Two deer certainly makes for a more interesting composition. As you said, focus is way off. Since the deer weren't moving, I would have opted for auto focus. Manual focus just screwed up the quality of the shot. Did you use a tripod, as it would certainly help with focusing issues.
It looks like the picture had a lot of noise before you applied some noise reduction algorithms to it. That's affecting the quality too.
No Tripod unfortunately, which would of been handy for focusing as Joel_W said it's a pretty good composition (well least for me it is!) just lacks quality.
Back to the drawing board! I plan to invest in a sigma 70-200 2.8 soon(ish) and maybe a 2x teleconverter, this was also shot at 5.6 which was tricky to manual focus handheld. I'll go for redemption and upload a sharper image from that day. And yes Frequency focus would of helped in this situation...

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