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Oct 17, 2005
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MA and CO

I hate how the image gets automatically resized... Click link below for a better viewing size:


Nikon F5, Nikkor 50mm/1.8 AF-D, Fuji Neopan 400

Suh-weet, awesome find and nicely exposed.
I usually click on the bar above each automatically resized pic shown here to see it in its desired (by the photographer/poster) size ... the automatically downsized pics get too many artefacts to really enjoy them!
This one looks better in its 1024px wide!
And what a nice find!
And the exposure you chose is perfect.
Unfortunately I don't know anything about the film you used, when I use b&w film, it usually is the Ilford so-and-so (I don't even remember that, it's been a year since I put that film into the Leica last --- and I still haven't finished it... :oops: )
Very nice shot. Looks like a metate stone in high water.

I size my shots max 790 horizontally or 598 vertically to beat the resize-o-thing.
very nice abrax...
great exposure, as stated, and REALLY cool subject.
That's a very interesting picture. Nice.
Thanks for the comments.
The objects on/in the rock are crab-apples actually (they were green, hence the now white color of an egg). I think I shot this at f/22, 1/8th.
This was just sitting there- I didn't even set anything up (not that I usually do...)
LaPhoto- I actually just bought a Leica...

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