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Mar 5, 2013
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Good Evening i been busy i have a few randoms on a walk around a Barron part of town tell me what u think

1. My favorite most random picture to date. Looks like the plane is on the tip of a double barreled shot gun.
$Chimneys under a plane.JPG

2. I found this crash helmet just lying in the woodland looked like it was not there for to long but long enough to show minor deterioration
$hope its just lost.JPG

3. In my town we had a big global drug company based in this town for years(GSK) aptly named "umbrella has a new home" I am convinced a real life t-virus is secretly being developed in there. The facility is deserted now but i would love to have a root around and see what was left behind.
$umbrellas new home.JPG

4. Final this forms the base of a torch which is situated on top of the hill which was used during Elizabethan times to warn the queen of the approach of enemy fleets from Europe.
$Wood with age.JPG

pt 2 to follow soon

I have realized a few of you watermark your work i have decided to follow suit as my photos do mean a lot to me
1. I don't get the shotgun thing.

2. Not interesting to me.

3. Photo looks to me more about the sunset and not the building. Building is crooked.

4. Too close to tell what it is. The story seems interesting but I don't think you did a good job of telling the story just by the photo.

In short, none of these seem particularly good to me, but keep at it.
i agree not my best but we all have to start somewhere
I think that composition may be improved in this photos. It is too "centered" and static for me. So you may think about implementation of rule of thirds.

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