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Oct 4, 2011
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The Beautiful Hills of East Tennessee
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YES, it's a DUCK...get over it! :lol:
I was practicing getting sharper bird photos with my 55-300 the other day, and figured the duck pond was at least a good place to find some birds that I knew wouldn't fly off if I got within 100 yds of them.

It was good practice, but the best shot of the day was this one. Not because it's technically good, but because it makes me laugh. Looks like it's either trying to gargle, or got a crick in its neck...

Its doing Yoga
It's neck is all ducked up. It's quacking its neck. Those were fowl puns, weren't they? Water you going to do about them?
He's telling you to turn your camera sideways (shoot him in portrait).
He's telling you to turn your camera sideways (shoot him in portrait).

Ironically, I *had* been shooting him in portrait, but I'd just stopped and turned the camera back the other way when I realized he was about to shake his feathers, which is what I'd been trying to get. Didn't have time to do anything more than just lift the camera, aim and shoot...still didn't get the feather-shaking part, but liked this better anyway.

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