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Feb 22, 2009
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Hello i have a picture i want to make into a panoramic but my software wont stitch them and i dont know what to do, so i was wondering if some one can stitch them for me and let me know what the best software is to use
What software are you using? Also, what do you mean by "my software won't stitch them" -- are you getting an error, or don't know how to use your software?

Aside, I recommend hugin, which comes with some nice software to automatically determine which parts of your photos should be aligned, and will do all of the stitching for you. There are also some great tutorials at that site. You may want to give that a try instead.
I have Panorama Maker 4 Pro and most of the time it works but this time it just doesnt make the picture line up, it makes it all deformed and the other i use is PTGui and its doing the same thing.
Deformity is a common side-effect in panorama-stitching. It happens because you're trying to make a big flat picture from a variety of photos which were taken while rotating yourself (or your tripod). In addition, all lenses have some distortion, which makes the photos harder to match up.

One way to fix up deformity is to add markers for horizontal or vertical lines in your photos -- for example, put a line on the horizon and label that as horizontal, which will force it to be straightened out. I don't know how to make your tools do that in particular, but it is a common feature.

In addition, when picking corresponding points on two different photos, try not to pick points near the edges of the photos. That's where a lot of the distortion occurs, and it can confuse the stitcher and make for poorer results.

Finally, pick a lot of points, spread around the photo (not too near to the edge). Pick points in the upper and lower parts, and on the left and right. That will give the stitcher more data to work with.
Is there any way i can send the 2 pics to you? its just 2 mountain pics and i did download that hugin and i tried to make the picture on there but not working for me

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