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Panasonic S1 Performance


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Oct 21, 2016
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March - April seems to be Panasonic's time to shine. The new "G95" is being shown around, and the "S1" is essentially here, with the irony that Panasonic released lenses for the "S1" before the camera was available.

DP Review TV's review of the Panasonic S1 is out. It might not be the first -- I don't really keep up with all the cameras out there, but it gave a good overview of what most people will look for first. One thing that I hope I will find eventually is a comparison against the Leica cameras. I don't know much about Leica's equivalent body, except that it is very highly regarded for still pictures. We'll see. . . .

"Panasonic S1 Review", posted by "DPReview" on Apr 27, 2019,
$3500, or there abouts, body only in Australia. Sony A7iii around $2600.

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Hmm. I don't know what the Leica costs but Panasonic might be using that as a measure. If so, then they might find that they need to "re-scale" their thinking. . . .
I was recently looking at cameras and I got a surprise: The S1H and the S1 are both on back-order -- at least in Canada. But since Canada is probably just getting a part of the US order, I think this might be in the US as well. I am not surprised by the S1H, since it has such a big boost from the Netflix approval, but the S1 is a bit surprising. It might be sales as a "B-roll" camera to S1H buyers, or people "easing their way" into the L-mount system with plans to rent S1H's as necessary. I don't know. Maybe Panasonic just didn't expect the sales level and didn't build fast enough?
I looked at and held an S1 in July of 2019 and I was quite impressed with the camera's great feel and build quality . The guy who owned it worked at a place in downtown Portland and he had the 24 to 105 zoom lens on it. It was really a gorgeous camera, and it felt fairly luxurious. It reminded me of a high-end Nikon one-digit camera, and not a consumer electronics product.

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