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Pawnshop has a lens. It is a 200mm f/4 pre AI lens


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Sep 17, 2019
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Springfield, Illinois
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Hi Folks,

I found a lens at a local pawnshop for $20.00. It is a NIKON NIKKOR-Q 200mm f4 PRE-AI MOUNT MANUAL FOCUS LENS.

Will this lens work on a Nikon D610? I read a review by Ken Rockwell. He said it was a really sharp lens. Since this lens is a non Ai, it will have to be converted. My question is this: Do I have to convert this lens to make it work? Haven't purchased the lens yet.

Thank you,

if it doesn't work you can always turn it into a lamp. but the pawn shop should let you try it on your camera prior to purchasing.
Yep... take your camera into the shop and try it.
If the jonesing is overwhelming, buy it and budget for a cheap AFS-only body. No cigar with the 610 or any F-mount body with an Ai tab. Should snuggle up to your D3200 just fine. How that works is up to you to research, OK? It's doable.
For $20 it's gotta be worth a punt.
$20 for the lens $35 plus $10 for shipping to convert/adapt and you will have a $300 lens. What was the question again?
A pre AI lens won't work on your D610 w/o conversion to AI. You'll mess up the camera mount.
It is a very sharp lens but is prone to flare because it is only single coated. keep the lens shade extended when shooting. It will work but it will have to be converted to AI. If you are good with a Dremel you can cut out the notch for the aperture lug.

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