Pelican style seagull kind of bird ...


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Aug 31, 2008
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Apparently I'm not an ornithologist ;-)

So if anyone knows the real name for these birds I'd be grateful for enlightenment ...

Taken on Santa Monica Pier last November, tried to improve the colours/haziness with Levels.


EXIF : Pentax *ist DL, Sigma 17-70mm, 1/1250 sec, F11, ISO 200, focal length 70mm


EXIF : Pentax *ist DL, Sigma 17-70mm, 1/1200 sec, F11, ISO 200, focal length 70mm

All C&C welcome ... - is the head a little too dark still in the first one?
I believe it's a brown pelican. Great shots. Where in Sweden are you from? I visited my son when he lived in Varberg several years ago. I'd love to go back.
Thanks, great to find out what kind of bird it was! I live in Umeå, which is 600km north of Stockholm.
Very nice shots. Great feather detail. I can almost "feel" that softness on the bird's head and neck feathers.
I do believe that is a Brown Pelican as well. I agree with Dagwood56 on the detail, but I would like to see his full beak in the second shot.
Thanks for your comments guys :)

I did wonder if the crop in the second pic was a bit too harsh, so I'll bear that in mind next time (that's how I took the pic, so I can't repost with the whole beak in sadly)

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