Pentax lens worth $100?

Discussion in 'Beyond the Basics' started by Johnboy2978, Jul 6, 2005.

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    Hey guys, just wanted some opinions. I was considering a Pentax IST DS in the near future (or the DL, can't really see any difference and exactly same price), and you can get it with a Pentax Zoom Super Wide Angle SMCP-J-FA 18-35mm f/4-5.6 AL Autofocus Lens for 799 or w/o the lens for 699. I am considering this camera, b/c I am pleased with Pentax quality and with my ist 35mm, I already have a Pentax 28-90mm f/3.5-5.6 AL Lens and a Tamron Zoom Telephoto AF 70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 LD Macro Autofocus Lens.

    So, would I really be gaining anything with this lens with the DS, or just spend that $100 on memory?

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    Well you'll be getting a lens which is much wider than anything you have already. 18-35 does overlap with 28-90, but 18 is a lot wider than 28 if you compare the lower end.

    Do you take or plan to take wide-angled shots? I use my 20mm all the time for architecture shots and indoor pics, so I'd say get it if it's cheap.

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    You'd need the wide angle often enough to warrant 100$
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    The 18-35 is an okay lens (I have one), but the 18-55 may be better. They're both about the same price when bundled with the camera. If you aren't going to shoot film get the 18-55.

    Remember that your 28-90 is a 42-135 on the D series, and your 70-300 is a 105-450. Nice for longer stuff, but the wide end suffers. You need an 18mm lens to get to 28mm equivalent, and 16mm is needed for a 24mm equivalent.

    Even though it overlaps your existing lens by a fair margin, the Pentax 16-45 is a super lens, but a bit spendy at around $400 street price. The extra width would be nice as well.

    An inexpensive option is the Zenitar 16mm rectilinear fisheye. Goes for around $125 shipped. Distorts at the edges, but can be defished in post processing. It's an all manual lens though, so you have to manually focus and stop down meter with it.

    Oh yeah- for the same price I'd get the DS. Better autofocus (more focus points) and I believe the viewfinder is brighter.


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