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Dec 28, 2012
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Kansas City
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Not typically a landscape/cityscape photographer but saw it had some fun. Be Ph*kin brutal!! C&C

btw I know my Watermark is distracting but did not have time to pull it off to post here and that car is always there for advertisement purposes.
Offbeat. Pretty well-composed I think. Moon rendering is always tricky. I like the vehicle, and the lighting on the cables against the near-cobalt night sky looks pretty good.
Thanks Derrel and Im not quite sure what you mean by "offbeat."
Thanks, I had one try to shoot this before I got kicked out. It is a neat building for sure.
Why did you get kicked out? I spent at least a half hour around that building with a camera one day and no one said a word. Could be that I was there in the afternoon....

There are some great lines in that building!!!
Dude you made a random car look good. That's hard to do
I got kicked out because I "skateboarded" up to it which in Power and Light, skateboarding is illegal. Glad you guys like it, I posted in on facebook and usually get alot of "oohs and AWWWWS" but nothing on this one not even a like. So I thought I was missing something :p
Thanks Derrel and Im not quite sure what you mean by "offbeat."

I'm not Derrel but he's probably talking about the unusual subject, the seeming off-balance composition (but in a good way!). It's common to have a structure and then a moonlit sky above. But here we have a structure on the right and a moonlit sky on the left. I like it a lot!
Thanks boys! This is what working at 2am looks like. I live about an hour away from this building and this isnt even why I went there..

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