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Oct 25, 2015
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Dear All,

I'm French so I'm asking you to forgive me if I make some mistakes cause my English is not perfect.
I'm a beginner in photography and I made recently a picture I find really beautiful of the Dom Tower in Utrecht (The Netherlands) reflected in a puddle.

As I found that picture nice I wanted to participate to a contest so I uploaded my photo for the Metro Photo Challenge.

You can see the link of the picture here :

Metro Photo Challenge

In case the link is too long, you can find it here but shorter :

Metro Photo Challenge

If you like this picture and want to support me you can click on the green thumb that appears at the bottom on the right of the picture.

In any case, I would like to know as well what do you think of this picture and how can I improve it :)

Thank you all for your time. I wish you all a great day.


There is one bright spot touching the very tip of the Cross on the spire which is spoiling my enjoyment of the shot.

It might be too late to edit the shot and eliminate the spot, but if you didn't see it when you took the shot, you should have seen it before you left the area and could no longer re-do the shot.
I voted for you. I really like the shot. I agree with Designer though, that one little spot at the top is distracting from it all for me too. It is a really easy fix though in Lightroom if its not too late. But other than that, great capture!
Thank you for the comments and the support.
To be honest I didn't pay attention to this bright spot and since you mention it this is the only thing I see in the picture now :(
I can forget about it for the contest but I will edit the picture again this evening and see if I can improve it. Once again, thanks to both of you for your feedback.

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