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photo for comments and critiques


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Jul 2, 2008
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a place few people heard of
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Freedom Fighters

the writing on the monument says "hail to the Romanian soldiers heirs of the heroic ancestors traditions, fearless fighters against fascism for the independence and liberty of the country" It is in front of the Military University of Defense "Carol I" Bucharest Romania
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Hey, cool stuff. I like the composition. Unfortunately, your subject -- the statue -- is a bit underexposed. It's quite dark compared to the background (which isn't surprising -- the sky IS bright), but that means that my eye is drawn to the background and not the subject. Sometimes a bit of dodging can help, or manually tweaking the exposure.

And for the heck of it, I'd love to see you get a bit lower down, so that you are looking up at the statue from lower. That might add an interesting angle to things.

Overall, good job -- now you just need to tweak a bit.
thanks for pointing that out. i did a quick retouch and yes you were right. about the angle i have a few more perspectives but nothing spectacular and it will be a while until i get there again but when i will i'll try some more. thanks
browsing through the folder with the pics from that day i found this. did i bit of pp on it hope i didnt go to far.

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I like the second one! It's a much more dramatic angle. Very nice. There is a bit of noise in the sky -- maybe that's from the postprocessing?
yeah i have a bad habit of working on a picture, saving it. than i think it needs something else too so i open the saved picture and edit it again so i end up with a lower q picture. i don't save the psd files neither :)) i know i should but i never quite get around to organize so many files.

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