Photo Mounting on Aluminum for Exhibition (photo "laminated on aluminum")

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    Feb 2, 2005
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    In recent years, I've noticed that many higher end galleries and their exhibiting photographers show their work mounted on aluminum (completely laminated with the photograph's back onto aluminum), and the front of the photograph has a 1/4" plexi laminated to it. The back of the aluminum sheet has a smaller wooden square glued onto the aluminum so that when hung on the wall, the aluminum/photograph would look like it is floating on the wall.

    I'm in NYC, and wondering if anyone knows of a cost effective, yet higher quality place to have this mounting process done? It doesn't need to be in nyc necessarily. To prepare for any exhibit, one needs to have a good number of photographs "framed" in order for submission for consideration. So cost effective yet higher quality is important.

    Any suggestions and/or info on where to go for this aluminum mounting process would be most appreciated. Thank you.


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