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    When I got serious about making photography a real business, I felt I needed to migrate from the amateur equipment I had, to pro-level stuff. In the middle of doing extensive research, I got a call from a client who asked me to shoot a cycling trip for them. I didn't have time to buy the expensive "pro" gear, so I was worried that I was ill-equipped for the job. To my surprise, the pictures came out fine. In fact, since I took those shots in 1997, I still sell many of them today. Now, years later, I have pretty expensive gear that I never even thought I'd ever get, let alone use. But, the reasons for upgrading aren't what I would have thought back then, either. I'll get into those as we go through this chapter.
    The issues you'll face when choosing appropriate camera equipment for your photography business may not be what you think either. Obviously, there are many different kinds of photo businesses, and mine is but one, so my intent is not to tell you what to buy, or to emulate what I do; it's to help you think about the issues that actually matter (and which don't) so you can make better purchasing decisions. As with all commodity products, there are many models and brands from many manufacturers, most of which may be suitable for your needs, so don't assume there is only one right answer for you. Instead, just understand that as long as you know why you may need something (or if you don't), you'll feel confident in whatever decisions you make.


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    IT's not the camera that makes the shot. IT's the photographer. So many people get wrapped up in having the latest gear and trends they forget get what truly makes the art. I have sold pictures shoot on my 1960's era canon FT for the same as I have sold pictures shot on a D80 and a Canon 1d III I have used. The quality if done correctly is only limited to the photographer. With that said I don;t expect a 2mp camera to get the same results as a d3... There are some limitation, megapixels being one of them.

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