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Aug 14, 2012
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here's some examples of the photos that I will be putting on canvas to sell at my local market :)

1. $IMG_2052-2.jpg

2. $IMG_2569-2.jpg

3. $_MG_4900-2.jpg

4. $IMG_2548-2.jpg
Have you been selling images on canvas in the past such as these?
Unfortunately I haven't. This is the first time in selling them on canvas. Why do you ask?
Canvas can be a beast of its own. My opinion doesn't mean squat but I would seriously reconsider spending money on the beach foot print image. It needs a boost in exposure to work on canvas and it lacks appeal. Good idea, not good execution. You need to show a longer trail of foot prints.

Of the images posted, #2 probably has the best shot at selling.
There is canvas, and there is canvas.

Some of the inexpensive 'canvas' is actually textured plastic.

There there is the issue of how the image is put on the media. If it's an inkjet process, are the inks that will be used dyes or pigments?
Dyes fade quicker and need an over-coating. Pigments last longer and don't need an over-coating.

A recently published book (4 days a ago) is a great resource if you want to make prints from digital images - The Digital Print: Preparing Images in Lightroom and Photoshop for Printing
I just started through the book for my 2nd pass over the parts that had new information for me. (I had pre-ordered the book.)

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