Piton boy

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    I am from Belfast, Ireland.
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    Some shots from my catamaran trip to the ancient capital of St Lucia, a place called soufriere. Whic basically means sulphur. This place has an active volcano, which you can drive into and view. I have shots of this and will post as soon as I process them. This place is also home to the magnificient piton mountaintops. Probably the most famous landscapes of the island. So famous, that the Beer is named after them.

    Piton boy

    These kids beg on the piers so that the tourists feel pity on them. I tried to give them some money but local polics stopped me and as a result the kid chased our boat, diving off the pier and swimming after the boat and trying to climb onvaord. Before the captain shook him off. I felt awful and he was shouting to me (as he swim back to shore about 1/4 mile) " you tricked me man"



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