Pixmedic's Photo Contest XIX "Our Fuzzy Friends"


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Jun 7, 2012
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It's that time again!
Time for the Pixmedic (Ihavenoideahowoftenthisisgoingtohappen) photo contest!


The rules are simple.
I will announce a theme. If you wish to participate in the contest, post ONE picture (taken by you) that you feel best fits the theme. Pictures taken prior to the contest are admissible as long as they were taken by you and have NOT been submitted in another of my contests.
The judging is based primarily on theme appropriateness and creativity, not on the technical aspects or difficulty of the shot.
Only one entry per person is allowed, but you ARE allowed to edit your post and change pictures up until the contest closes. Failure to follow contest rules will lead to disqualification.

to participate in this contest, post ONE photo in this thread that you feel best encompasses your vision of the theme. You can be as literal as you want, or think outside the box with subtlety and innuendo.
The contest will run for approximately one month, and at the end of a very vague and possibly changing time period, the wife and I will decide on a winner. (the bunny might help too if she can stop loafing for more than a few seconds)

This month's theme is...
"Our Fuzzy Friends"

the prize will be the usual ($50 visa gift card, or $50 by PayPal)

the contest will run until the end of January. (ish)
the wife and I reserve the right to edit, change, add to, subtract from, or cancel this contest at any time for any dumb old reason.
sorry for too many photos..left just one..
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