Plant Study IIV

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Mar 10, 2007
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:blushing: Whoops! Should be VII I think... and you're right, I should have noticed that horizontal leaf at the time, however I didn't
I like how you got the light in the "hairs" of the plant! Nice angle too.

I find the bright foliage on the right background a little distracting though. Maybe tone it down or better still use a reflector for the underside of the subject & reduce the exposure to loose it a bit more?

Oh & get a pair of cutters on that horizontal leaf! :lol: :thumbup:
I did actually try to knock back the foliage in the back right, but it was getting a bit too obvious - could be a different technique would work better for that, but my PS skills are a little short of where I'd like them to be at the moment. Something to work on though.
It's a little overexposed near the bottom left hand corner and a touch overexposed in the upper right hand corner.

A good shot, all in all.

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