Plaubel Makina 67 – problem with shutter/winder, please help.


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Aug 12, 2010
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Hi, I just bought a Makina 67. The lightmeter and all shutter speeds work excellent, but I've got a problem. When I load it (120 film of coarse) and close it, the shutter won't fire. It's looked in the upper position. But if I open the camera back a little, it works. So I close it, wind it, and then it's stuck again. Is anyone familiar with this problem? Do you have any idea what's wrong? All answers are much appreciated.


I hope that someone will chime in with a better answer than mine, but I will add what I can. I have a 67 and a W67, both of which have been overhauled at Nippon Photo in New York - one of the best places remaining for Makina repairs as far as I know. Maybe you could give them a call if no-one has any other suggestions.

Nippon Photo Clinic
920 Broadway
New York, NY 10010-8018
(212) 982-3177

Sorry I could not be more help.

Good luck,
Helen, thanks for your reply. I really hope it's just an easy fix, and that sending it to NY or Germany won't be necessary. But I'm afraid it will be. Either way, thanks for the tip!

Maybe a phone call to Nippon first, to see if they have come across the problem before and know of an easy fix.

Can you isolate whether it is the back that is causing the problem directly or the reset pin? If you open the back until everything works, does pressing the reset pin (the one that is pressed by the back when it closes) cause the problem even though the back is still open?

Good luck,
Hi, with the back open but the reset pin pressed, the shutter is stuck. And when i release the pin it works fine. Does that tell you anything?

Yeah, maybe a phonecall to Nippon is in order. Or do you know if they have an e-mail adress? Tried to visit their website but I couldn't get in.

Ps. Didn't even know that's a reset pin til you told me. I guess that's what turns the frame counter back to zero?

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