Portland Head Light, Maine

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    Had a wonderful one week visit to the southern part of Maine. One of the most pictured lighthouses in the area is Head Light in Portland.

    #1 - D30 ( iso 200 ) + Canon USM IS 100-400mm 1/400 f8 sunset on a tripod.

    #2 - D30 ( iso 200 ) + Tamron 35-105 1/200 f7.1 sunset

    One of my wife and I's favorite places to visit was Kennebunkport. We visited one of the churches in the area and this vantage point had interesting angles.

    #3 - D30 ( iso 100 ) + Canon 22-55mm 1/200 f10

    Most of the trip was shot on 35mm. Can't wait to get them back from development.

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    Ah........ picture perfect...... I wish I was there too.

    I like #1's composition and #2's saturation.

    #3 is interesting but too bad the alternating roof lines aren't as obvious as they should be.

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