Portrait lighting


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Nov 2, 2010
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Going to start taking portraits for my real estate company and need to know what kind of studio light I need. I will be getting the Digi Bee which includes 2 B400 watt strobes, 2 10ft. stands for the lights, 2 umbrellas. I have a 430 ex and 2 continuos lights with white umbrellas. If I set my alien bees on the left and right side of the model head high, could I use one of my continuos lights to light the back side of my subject? So this means I have one light left. I'd like to use it to light the hair and not sure how to do that. Do I need to make a snoot to shine directly onto her head, if so, do I hang it high and shoot straight down onto her head? If I'm completely off, please slap me then proceed to tell me the correct way. A BIG thanks in advance.