Portrait of Tara


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Oct 1, 2006
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C&C welcome and appreciated! :thumbup::D
Its a good image, I like it...but I think the shadow across her face detracts from it.
I like how the circles of light form the hat correspond with the buttons on her sweater. Very interesting!
Normally I would agree that the shadow would have worried me, however the extra light thrown onto the face by the holes in the peak add a very interesting dimension - good image
I like it but I agree some more light would have made this photo really great. The shadow to the right of her eye is really distracting
i like it, i like the dots of light - i think the light on the face is a bit bright thought.

Maybe not so much brightness on the face and a little more evening out of light around the rest of the picture would work wonders.

In all its a nice shot though.

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