a mixed bag.
the mandrill is the best, imo, for the sharpness and color rendition but the color noise in background could have been depressed and the beard not clipped.
Mixed bag?...What do you mean? Please explain...
It's a project of mine called "Fauna faces"...
As in terms of sharpness I didn't see any problems with any of em...but maybe my 4k monitor tricked me..
The Mandril is impossible to cut differently so I had to sacrifice the less important part for me...As for the background ...i believe is just a matter of taste and maybe creative eyes...i saw lightings in that wall cracks so I liked it that way...
Thanks again. Good points.

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I meant a mixed bag in that I think that some are well done with a good attempt at framing and creating a memorable photo
and others are just pictures.
Working with subjects that everyone has seen a hundred times, there is a pretty high barrier to getting some new interesting and/or colorful. I like the Mandrill the most, the warthog (if it was framed tighter to emphasize the repetition) and the others not so much.

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