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Feb 24, 2009
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I've been in the process of creating a website about urban art and it is finally fully up and running. I'm a high school student and this is an independent project that I wanted to work on to express my passion for art, something I want to study in college. The website is based on the idea of building an art community and representing one's city through art. The website is
I'm basically just asking you to check out.

More importantly, I hope many of you have Flickr accounts. If so, under the Your Work section, you will see other people have posted their work, but it has mainly been just people I know from New York. So I want to expand this a little bit. I'd really appreciate it if any of you would be willing to post any of your work. The directions are on the site or you can just go to the Flickr group and upload the pictures to the group and they will automatically show up on the site. Here is the link: Flickr group

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