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"Practice Muiltiple Exposures..." Need Help....


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Aug 2, 2015
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ISO 400
1/40 Sec.
58 mm f/1.4G
58 mm

(Processed In LR & PS)

We have here three (3) images per vase position for a total of nine (9) images. Multiple exposure mode On Series. Overlay Mode Dark.

Less than this my images appeared ghostly & not solid.

I think my image would benefit from a solid background and maybe lights at that point.

Additionally, can I achieve the same goal if I take my shot(s) as usual and then use the overlay in camera tool in the retouching menu to create a double exposure?

If so what's the difference then......


Thanks In Advance For Your Help........


I tried in camera couple exposure a while ago and came to the quick conclusion it wasn't able to cope well with busy backgrounds. Now your camera may have more adjustments to create a better outcome but I'm unfamiliar with the D850

For myself I find it easier to just do it in post.

Hopefully someone will have more experience and ideas on how to improve.
These look much like what I've experienced in camera. For me the process was somewhat like trying to thread a needle with both eyes closed.
As others have said a dark back ground so that you don’t have light reflection
Have you tried up lighting the vase from its base
Otherwise I think after a few try’s I too would end up doing the image in the computer
You could try a smaller apature say f 8 and a longer exposure
That will give you more time to move about
I would honestly recommend multiple exposures in photoshop due to how much easier it is to clean project files during post editing; unless you're working with film or polaroid.

My only real critique is that I would bring the lip out more on the left vase using a mask.
The only time I've done it was once on an old film camera in the 80's, rather unsuccessfully. I'm of the software PP school now if it needs to be done.

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