Practicing bokeh today


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Jan 18, 2009
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Galloway/Columbus Ohio
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I was bored and decided to head out to the yard and take a few shots.

This is a small tree out in my back yard that is starting to get bright red flower buds on it. I was down on the ground shooting upward threw the tree toward the sky. The clouds and sunset is in the background.

Practicing Bokeh is a funny statement- the practice of getting stuff out of focus in a shot. Anyways, your bokeh looks OK. You could've done without the upper flower breaking into the frame, and maybe went with an off-center placement of the subject. If it's just the bokeh you're concerned about, it has nice colors but it's nothing extraordinary. You have more photos from this same shoot?
The main use for bokeh in my photos is to draw more attention to my subjects. In your photo, your background is competing with your subject; even when bokehed. If all you wanted was a blurry photo, just point your camera anywhere, manually place the lens out of focus, then take the shot. If you wanted the flowers to be the subject then perhaps choosing a less distracting background would have been more appropriate.
Your dead link needs cpr before I can comment.
Practicing Bokeh is a funny statement-...

True, the OP is using the term "bokeh" incorrectly. What is meant in the post is "shallow depth of field" or "selective focus". You can't "practice bokeh"; "bokeh" is an intrinsic characteristic of a particular lens.
"Bokeh", in modern photographic jargon, refers more to the quality of the out of focus portion of the image, but ceretainly not to the quantity. I suggest you read this essay by the inventor of the term, Mike Johnson of The Online Photographer. The word originates as a Japanese word but Mike introduced a new spelling the differs from the traditional way the word is spelled with Latin characters.


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