Pre-09/11 Views from WTC South Tower

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    Pre-09/11 Views from WTC South Tower:

    I’m a published writer/photographer, born and raised in NYC, with several decades of experience.

    I recently unearthed several dozen quality 35mm color transparencies I took from the South Tower Observatory at the World Trade Center between 1977 and 1994. This 360º photo coverage includes normal and telephoto views taken “from the top” -- both day and night -- of scenes never to be seen again from this unique perspective. These originals are mostly Kodachromes with some Ektachromes that I plan to digitize into hi-res .tiff images.

    With the 10th anniversary of 09/11 peeking over the horizon, I’d like to create and market a “pre-09/11 how-it-was” retrospective photo-essay highlighting the best of these images with supporting text. The latter would include descriptive comments plus an optional sidebar of my own experiences on that fateful day. I was in my 33rd year with the CBS Television Network and was at their Broadcast Center at 524 West 57th Street in Manhattan that morning, just 4.3 miles uptown and in full view of what happened downtown.

    My question is that of finding receptive markets to approach with this proposal. These can be domestic, Canadian and/or overseas English-language markets. I would welcome suggestions of how best to go about all this?

    Many thanks,

    Mike Mooney

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    Let me start by saying I think it would a fantastic thing to do.

    I guess I would ask the obvious question and perhaps I missed it, but have you contacted a publisher with this yet? Wouldn't a publisher create the marketing to a degree; be it here or overseas?

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