Prescott is Grieving


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Jul 22, 2010
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Prescott, Arizona
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In Prescott, we lost 19 hometown boys last Sunday in the worst wildland fire tragedy since 1933. Our firefighters; the Granite Mountain Hotshots were on the front lines of a forest fire near Prescott when shifting winds caused the fire to overtake them, killing all but one of the squad. These boys were the elite of wildland firefighters trying to save the town of Yarnell from being engulfed by the fire. These past few days an impromptu memorial has grown at Fire Station #7 here. Such beautiful and brave men that laid down their lives as heroes!

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such a tragic loss. May God help their families and this town
thank you for sharing
Very sad story. It's always overwhelming to lose such a large group. My city had lost the most before this I believe. The Charleston Nine. We still have a memorial every year.
Definitely got choked up looking at those. You have some really nice detail shots here.

Has to hit you pretty hard being from Prescott. My cousin is fighting that fire now, after they passed, his crew was called in.
Thanks for those replies. Loses like this are shared by the entire country but this helps me understand how so many other communities must feel who have had tragedies with large loss of life. We all are praying for the families of those men now.

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